Parasite Herbs


The products displayed on this site are produced impeccably and in accordance with the highest standards of herbal medicine. The finest quality raw materials are used. They are sourced at the peak of perfection and processed by experienced and qualified dedicated herbalists and essential oil distillers. None of the oils goes through the perfumery industry and all are 100% pure, therapeutic grade, free of hexane and other chemicals often found in essential oils.

Many of the products have traditional and historic uses, including local cuisine as well as medicines. The products are not patented nor have they been evaluated by any government agency. They are intended for use by people taking responsibility for managing their own health, often with the guidance of experienced health care professionals.

The site owner, author(s), Sacred Medicine Sanctuary, server, and web manager(s) are not responsible for how the products are used nor for any outcomes in use. This said, depending on a huge number of factors, some people should expect a few days of discomfort, usually beginning towards the end of the second day or beginning of the third day, when the body is processing the die off. This is a secondary symptom and is not caused directly by the herbs but rather by the particular manner in which the body deals with the dead parasites. These symptoms could last until the fifth or sixth day. When the cleansing cycles are repeated, the symptoms tend to be less severe.



Parasite Herbs

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