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Almost anyone can suffer from irregularity while traveling, but it is not uncommon to suffer a variety of gastrointestinal complaints, everything from reactions to unfamiliar foods, indigestible foods, overspiced foods, and contaminated food, water, silverware, glasses, and plates. Intesti Guard provides some support for the risks associated with travel. The other formulas are for jet lag, immune support, and parasites. The kit was put together mainly those traveling in the tropics but is suitable for travel to just about anywhere.

Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia Essential Oil, certified organic, 5 ml.
Boswellia serrata

Frankincense contains approximately 200 different chemicals and the properties vary enormously according to habitat and climate. It has long been recognized as one of the resins of choice for lifting consciousness towards the divine. Though often used as an incense, it can be taken internally in extremely small amounts, about one drop in a quart or liter of water that is sipped over two to three days. The oil has antiparasitic properties and can be handy when traveling. Boswellia serrata, the Indian frankincense, can be used topically on fungal infections of the skin and inflammatory conditions. It can also be added to a mouthwash or used to make your own mouthwash. Because of its gumminess and thickness, Boswellia Essential Oil should not used in nebulizing diffusers.

Alcohol: none

Contents: steam distilled certified organic Boswellia serrata oleogum resin.

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Travel Kit

This kit contains one bottle of a formula that helps with air travel: exposure to toxic fumes, bad food, stress, and jet lag. It also has formulas for gastrointestinal complaints, immunity, and parasitic infections. Almost anyone can be bitten by a mosquito or tick, but we are also exposed to a wide variety of exotic germs and infections. These can be transmitted by air, ingested, or passed casually from one person to another. To make your travel safer, we have created a set of small bottles that meet airline requirements for hand carried items.

Alcohol: Varies

Contents: four-two ounce bottles, one of each of the following: Happy Wanderer, Immune Pro, Intesti-Guard, and Para Plus. These same formulas are also available separately.

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Parasite Herbs

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